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Day 31: "Sky"
Lone walker, Levee Park, Winona
Photo challenges are like the old quote: "Love is a bit like a vacation: anticipated with relish, experienced with inconvenience, and remembered with nostalgia." I'm always certain that it won't be a big deal to come up with 31 photos in a month - really, how often when I'm taking pictures do I take less than 31 in a day?! - and to post one per day. But it's the perfectionism that's the problem, which is not usually an issue in my life.

Work has gotten twelve kinds of crazy in the last week. My most annoying coworker...well, that's sort of hard to define, isn't it? Let's say, my newest team member...will no longer be a part of the team, coming up in a week or so. That would be great, except that now that person's duties will literally as well as figuratively fall on me and one other person. Only, that other person just found out that she needs to have surgery, and will be gone at least six weeks, more likely up to ten. 

That leaves ME. Doing the job of three people. For the price of one, apparently. Seems likely.

I'm looking for alternatives to this, short- and long-term. For the moment, though, I'll keep doing what I'm doing. It won't fix itself but maybe I can stay out of some of the mess.

[the title quotation is by Ernest Hemingway]

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