I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart. I am. I am. I am.

Continuing last night's foray into the mind...

The Artistic Preferences Scales

"These are your results on the Artistic Preferences Scales. The APS measures three scales. Scores for each scale are presented in terms of percentiles. Scores range from 0 to 99, and represent what percent of other people you score higher than."

This one made was not much of a surprise, but it did make me smile.  My taste in art is hard to explain, probably impossible for anyone else to guess, and clearly atypical.

Nonverbal Immediacy Scale

Ooooh, I didn't love this one. Hard to judge one's own non-verbals accurately, I think? How do I know if I'm really doing these things, or only doing them in my mind? Anyway, the results were not entirely positive.

I'm not quite a robot, but also no warm, fuzzy bunny. Shocker.

Finally, from 16personalities...

A longer personality type test, along the lines of a Myers-Briggs but both less formal and more up to date. Check out my profile here.

[the title quotation is by Sylvia Plath]


  1. Because I was not entirely convinced by my results the first time around, I took the 16 Personalities test again with a less universal application in mind. This time around, I am The Mediator. Although this result is less immediately off-putting, it also doesn't quite feel right. Maybe a combination of the two? Or, prehaps, this one just cannot sum me up.

  2. On the first one--which made me LOL at you, and at me--my results were 17, 94 and 33, which seems to make me a man who prefers photographic-style art but with a high tolerance toward abstraction. So, yeah.

    The second one netted me a 99, which makes me female again. I agree that it's a little hard to judge stuff like this about myself.

    The last one got me (INFP-T) which is the mediator, but most ALL of the scores on the first four were 42-58%. The last one was 75% assertive. Shocking, that!

    1. The art one was just funny, and I was thinking of you the whole time. Faced with two pieces of art, you and I would almost never choose the same one. !

      The validity of the second one is highly suspect. Too brief, repetitive, and subjective.

  3. It's 3 a.m. and I'm reading your comment here and on the previous post and I miss you.

    (Did I tell you we now own TWO Thomas Kinkade prints? You'll probably never visit our house again knowing that! lol)

    1. I miss you, too. (I think I could pretend not to see Ze Painter off Light.)

    2. Only just the one on the wall--don't think we'll get the other one up before Thursday.
      They'll be behind me, where I can't actually see them most of the time. ;-)