if you do not raise your eyes, you will think that you are the highest point

I'm into another "who the Hell am I?" phase. This site has been helpful in cracking the lid open. Let's take a peek, eh?

The Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale caught my eye. Earlier this week, you see, I was informed that--along with numerous other flaws in my personality--I am perceived by my coworkers to be unapproachable, and that I "talk down" to them. Reflection on that subject has brought me to the conclusion that...they're wrong. Well, mostly. I do try to maintain an air of unapproachability, but only in the sense that I'm at work to get work done and not to sit around talking about Cr0ssf!t and Sh@ke0logy. Does that mean I have an excess of self esteem, and ought to be brought down a few pegs? I took the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale, to find out. (Read more about self esteem research here.)

Rosenberg scale
Well, maybe. I scored 25/30, which is either "healthy" or "sheesh, lady," depending on how you approach such things.

The Vocabulary IQ Test was fascinating--some of you probably bailed on this post midstream just to get to it, and I can't blame you at all. (Read some commentary on the study of intelligence testing with relation to vocabulary here, and particularly here.)

Vocabulary IQ
I am happy enough with my 130. After a long and fraught week, that restores my faith in myself.

How did you do? Or, more globally--how are you answering "who the Hell are you?"

[the title quotation is by Antonio Porchia, from Voces, trans. from the Spanish by W.S. Merwin]


  1. I got a 23 on the first test, and a 24 on the second. I don't know what that means, except I'm not a doormat--as you are not--and we both know lotsa werdz.

    Also people need to stop being rough on you. That includes you being rough on you.

    1. People do need to stop being rough on me, you're right. I will try to provide a good example in that. Thanks for the reminder (again, again!)