love's gift cannot be given; it waits to be accepted

All I want for Valentine's Day 
(yes, I know I've cut it too close. Lucky for me, it's more of a Valentine's week...)

  1. a couple weeks' R&R in a far-off place with no phone and lots of sun (along the Equator?)
  2. failing that: wool socks. And maybe a wool sweater. And a wool blanket. (mmm)
  3. books (the paper version, or the Amazon kindle kind)
  4. back massage, foot rub, and then an undisturbed two-hour long nap (or three)
  5. popover mix (King Arthur Flour or similar)
  6. living room light fixtures (it. is. SO. dark. in. here.)
  7. music (mix CDs always encouraged, or iTunes gift cards) 
  8. nice flannel sheets in a color other than bold red (don't ask)
  9. a birthstone necklace (something like this)
  10. cashews (salted, please)
  11. lenses for a Nikon D200 (details upon request)
  12. a small, narrow armchair and/or loveseat (tan or medium blue)
  13. Chambord (and soda)

[the title quotation is by Rabindranath Tagore]

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