that's what I do. Watch movies and read. Sometimes I even pretend to write, but I'm not fooling anyone

  1. Do you think that it would be a good idea if people served in the Army, Navy or Air Force for a while before they were allowed to vote? no, I think that would be a terrible idea. Suitability for military service does not (at all, remotely) equate to suitability to make sound political decisions. For that matter, possession of an astute sense of politics and government does not bring with it the ability to perform well under military pressure. To imply that it does requires a basic lack of understanding both of politics and military service.
  2. If you were required to do this to vote, would you? yes, that being said: I would
  3. Do people often give you weird looks? all the damned time. For the most part, I've grown accustomed to it, since it happens literally every day at work.
  4. Do like Japanese cooking? I'm quite certain that I've never had "real Japanese cooking"--but I do like Asian flavors and would be pleased to try
  5. Do you care for stray animals? in general, though not practical, senses
  6. Which animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them?
  7. Are you ambidextrous (equally good at using both hands)? not at all - my left hand is just for show
  8. Do you always say “bless you” after someone sneezes, or do you hesitate? it depends. That was not the done thing in my family of origin, and to do so would feel strange. I used to work with someone who sneezed a dozen times in a row (those little baby sneezes that did absolutely no good, like a kitten discharging the merest shadow of dandelion fluff) and to do so would have been tedious. But yeah, otherwise I generally do? Because, really, why not?
  9. If you and your friends could go away for 2 days over Halloween weekend where would you go? more than likely it would not be Halloween-related at all, and would simply be women in a nice hotel taking advantage of some spa services. Damn, that sounds really good...
  10. Which of these animated movies have you seen and what did you think of them?
  11. Do you feel that society is male dominated, female dominated, or neutral? male
  12. What words offend you? "tofurkey," "110%," and "protein"
  13. They’re just words. Can you get over it? no, I cannot
  14. Have you ever looked into different religions? "looked into"? I've attended services in a broad range of faiths, and weddings and funerals for many of them. Is that a "look"?
  15. Which ones have you looked into? various synods of Lutheran; Methodist; a few degrees of Catholic; Presbyterian, Baptist, a couple of Jewish services--and a few others.
  16. What do you think of Satanism as a religion? according to the generally accepted definition, it is. What I think about that is immaterial.
  17. Do you like it better when your classes are taught sitting in rows or sitting in a circle? really? uhm. I guess it depends on the classes. Lectures are better in rows (easier to hide in obscurity) and discussions are better around a table.
  18. Have you ever read your own tarot cards? no, and neither have I had them done
  19. Which ones do you like better, the three old Star Wars movies or the 2 new ones? that dates us, doesn't it? I've only seen "the three old ones." I didn't love them, but I'll take them.
  20. If you scream in outer space does it make a sound? no
  21. If you saw The Queen of the Damned did you want to be a vampire/Goth afterward? haven't seen it--but I'm not influenced by movies that way, generally, I don't think
  22. If you saw SLC Punk did you want to be punk afterward? SLC has a totally different meaning in my world, so that's kind of a laugh in itself. But I've not seen it, and wouldn't likely "go punk" if I did.
  23. What is your favorite zombie movie? I don't think I've seen any? The idea really does not appeal.
  24. Best kids birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater roller rink + sleepover
  25. What were your parties like when you were a kid? usually roller rink
  26. Best teen (about 15-16) birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert movies
  27. What are/were your 15-16 year old parties like? given the time of year, my birthdays were pretty mellow. I always did something with my neighbors, three girls around my age. And by my middle teens I would have done something with my school friends, too.
  28. Best 18th birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party house party
  29. If you are 18 what was your party like? I wouldn't have been anywhere near my house by that point
  30. Best 21st birthday party: ceramics, Chuck-E-Cheese, roller rink, bowling, sleep over, movie theater, house party, catered in a hall, restaurant, family trip, concert, club, pool hall, college party, bar, Atlantic city/Las Vegas trip college party
  31. If you saw The Craft were you interested in Wicca/paganism/magic afterward? no.
  32. What are your top 3 priorities? sleep, finding a better job, and reading
  33. If you saw Fight Club did you want to get into a fistfight afterward? no.
  34. What is your favorite smell? baking bread
  35. Give everything below a humor rating (1 = laugh your ass off, 2 = LOL, 3 = smile, 4 = lame, 5 = not funny, 6 = offensive):
    • People falling 5
    • Rape jokes 6
    • Sarcastic comments 3
    • Blond jokes 4
    • Dirty jokes 3
    • God/religion jokes 5
    • Long-ass jokes 5
    • Death jokes 6
    • Pain/sickness jokes 6
    • Animals doing cute stuff 3
    • Bodily functions 5
    • Knock-knock jokes 4
    • Ethnic jokes 6
    • Puns 4
    • Ironic situations 3
  36. If you saw Cruel Intentions did you want to have lots of meaningless sex afterwards? I think I may have seen it? But it wouldn't have had that reaction.
  37. Do you get at least three hugs per day? SNORT
  38. What should someone never say to you/call you if they want to remain on your good side? "you're so smart!", "[hablar hablar hablar]", or "Ma'am"
  39. If you saw Trainspotting did you want to do drugs afterwards? haven't seen it, but it's in my Amazon Video queue
  40. Do movies have a great influence on you? they do. I usually watch 2-6 a week. I love them and get a lot out of them--but they don't really change my behavior, as a rule. I don't think.
  41. Do you have a favorite reality TV show? sports. It's the only reality TV that I can stand.
  42. Are there certain roles that people are pressured to play in society or can they basically do whatever they want? ya think?
  43. How does the 2004 Dawn of the Dead remake compare to the original movie? I've not seen either of them
  44. Have you ever held a magnifying glass over an insect to burn it? no. Yuck!
  45. Have you ever pulled the wings off a fly, butterfly or any other insect? no. Eeew!
  46. What would you think of a guy (if you're into guys) or a girl (if you're into girls) who wanted to take you to the park to feed the birds and look at the turtles and fish in the water on a date? dates are hard. Nothing guarantees that two people who really get along will figure out how to date. So, really, if something like that came up, and it was the right person, and there were no animals harmed, and it ended well, then I'm all for it.
  47. Do you use public pools? I'm not a big swimmer, but when the opportunity avails itself: sure
  48. Do you use public bathrooms? when the need arises, yes
  49. Do you use public showers? not as a rule
  50. How old will you be in 17 years? 2h+17
  51. Would it effect you at all if you knew that a very large meteor was headed towards earth that would impact in 17 years? it would in seventeen years!

[this is from the 5000-question meme, of which this is the second half of the seventh part; the title quotation is by Nicole Krauss, from The History of Love]

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