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I've been tagged by Johnnie Walker at Niteowl.tv for this nostalgic meme.

The Rules:
Remove the #1 item from the following list, bump everyone up one place and add your blog’s name in the #5 spot. You need to actually link to each of the blogs for the link-whorage aspect of this fiendish meme to kick in. (Doesn't this seem shamelessly like a chain letter to you?) Then, replace my memories with your own.

Feisty Repartee
Johnnie Walker
Get It All Down

My Memories:
1. Standing on top of the heat register, which was about 6 inches off the floor, and holding onto the handle of the window with both hands, watching my brother and sister get on the bus, crying hard because they got to go to school and I didn't.
2. In 5th grade, nearly missing the after-school bus because I was sitting in the coat closet in the back of the classroom, curled up in a ball and reading a novel.
3. Writing a research paper about Walter Mondale during our semester-long "famous Minnesotans" project in 6th grade (and I ended up with Walter Mondale because I'd been out of the room when everyone else chose their subjects, e.g. Judy Garland and Bob Dylan).
4. Doing an oral book report on The Winds of War by Herman Wouk for my 8th grade English class. The teacher was so certain that I hadn't read the book myself that she grilled me on it for a half hour. [I had, and was vindicated by my impromptu answers.]
5. Correcting grammatical errors in my law school textbooks, even when I had a few hundred pages left to read for the next day and it was past midnight, because I couldn't just leave them there as if I didn't know.

Now tag four more people. I tag:
1. J#n!c@
2. Robert
3. Peter
4. Trixie

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