Is it arrogant to offer to rest in peace? At the rate I'm going, I'll be dead by noon. I feel awful. To say that I have a "headache" is like saying that the Mississippi is a "stream." Like Lake Michigan is a "puddle." Like R*n** Z*llw*g*r is "a little bit fucking ugly".

But I digress. I feel like my brain is both exploding and bleeding. I want nothing more than to sleep, but going home wouldn't accomplish that--SWC is open today, so there would be constant beepbeepbeeping until 5:00. Damn it. I'm better off at work, being paid to complain and blog about how wretched I feel.

And eating bagels. Time for a bagel and a Coke and more pain meds, and the 92-item list of manually-entered billed items to withdraw. My life is just so fascinating.

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