it’s fun to go shopping. It’s such a feminine thing to do.

It's that time of year. I want boots. Can I justify both the brown and the black? They are pretty different!
JJill brown
Eddie black
There's really no reason to shop unless I can buy something ridiculously extravagant from J.Peterman. This time, the Velvet Evening Dress, in which I would look even more stunning with those black boots....
and this necklace:
BN garnet
...which is atypical for me--I would usually choose square, but this is a great setting and the size is just right. I love this.

And for casual Fridays, I'm thinking of something like this (yes, it's glittery) camisole:
under this cashmere sweater:
mmm cashmere
with these jeans:
I like the color
and these shoes:
or boots, whatever
And all of it with this coat on top.

Can't wait to see the credit card bill when it's all over. Ha!

[title quotation from Marilyn Monroe]

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