let me ask you one question / Is your money that good? / Will it buy you forgiveness?

  • What crowd-funding projects have you supported? If you haven’t supported any, were there some that really intrigued you?
    my first was a Kickstarter for a film, a major motion picture that is the third in a series. I loved the first two, and the writer/director is as close as I get to that sort of personal hero. It's a little bit depressing--the really big perk is this week, the premier of the film and some major parties, all in New York, all of which I could have attended. Really, it was just cool to be a part of it at all. And when the DVDs arrive, that will be extraordinary enough. Maybe.

    I've also done a much smaller (meaning, it didn't raise nearly the $284,000 of the above project) Kickstarter for some very odd, nerdy fantasy game cards. The goal was something like quintupled, and those should ship sometime soon, too.

    The most recent project I backed was "Geeks Doing Good," for Worldbuilders. If you don't know about it, please take a couple of minutes and click through to the site, because it'll make you feel good about life.
  • How much of your monthly bill-paying is done online?
    all of it. I haven't bought check blanks since well before I moved out of my downtown apartment, which was (!) more than three years ago.
  • What are some of the more memorable things you’ve bought or sold in online auctions?
    I've not sold anything, but I've purchased many things that way. The most memorable? Handmade ceramic sheep.
  • What experience do you have with purchasing digital entertainment (music, movies, TV shows, or live web shows, for example) online?
    I buy all my music digitally now. I'm still a little weird about movies--I'll certainly watch streaming movies whenever/wherever, but I'm such a freak for the extras that I'll still go lower-tech sometimes. It's kind of like books: when I want the paper version, I'll buy the paper version; when I want the digital, I'll get the digital. It may not be easy to explain the difference, but I know it and I do it.
  • What kind of stuff have you bought or sold from personal online craft stores, such as are found on Etsy?
    I'm not such a crafty person, really, but I have gotten a few things, like hand-decorated shotglasses and ... ahem, salt & pepper shakers....

[from here, originally from here; the title quotation is by Bob Dylan]

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