slotting an impossible shot--bam!--into that pocket

Leaving sex out of this
There are few physical exertions more satisfying than
Taking an urgent piss
On virgin snow, or unwrapping a really good Havana,
Or lifting the first glass
Of nectar to quivering lips while leaning over the bar
To pat the barmaid's arse,
Or slotting an impossible shot--bam!--into that pocket
Your mates had bet you'd miss,
Or bolting two hot dogs with trimmings down your gob at the game.
Leaving sex out of this.

[Felix Dennis, 'Leaving Sex Out Of This', from Love, of a Kind: A Book of New Poems]

* NOTE: "This poem is a work in progress. It is incomplete, unfinished and has not been revised. It is meant only to offer a glimpse into the notebook of a poet at work. Please do not post it onto other sites or publish it in any form without this notice being attached. Thank you — Felix Dennis
Dorsington, Warwickshire March 13, 2010"


  1. I think one of the best feelings is popping a zit so ferocious that it squirts onto your mirror. Thanks for the poem idea, Felix!

  2. When read in light of yesterday's post elsewhere about the barmaid in NYC who outed the douchebag who ass-patted her....I'm not in love with that part.

    But much of the rest of it---YEAH!