I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit

"Legendary Pabst Beer Factory"
I wrote in an earlier post about a book that I got for Christmas this last year. It is called Listography: Your Life in Lists. The book (see also the blog, Listography.com) intends "to help you create your autobiography through list making." Each page is a different prompt, and the results could be as basic or complex as one wishes.

As I often do, I started in the middle. Today I will "List the Places [I'd] Like to Visit". It was the accompanying illustration that really made my choice for me.

My list:

  • Maine--to visit my friend Mary, who lives in Eastport (which sounds like the most quaint and wonderful place to visit)
  • New York, through to Canada--to visit my friend The Onion, to see the sights, and to finally go to Canada, of course!
  • Miami, Florida--again! My spiritual home, vacation version
  • Elkhart, Texas--for the only reason I'd go there, to see SCH (someone who is, by now, an 'old friend' and who is sadly locked into the South)
  • Seattle--because it is, in part, where my heart has lived for years. I want to at least see what it's like.
  • Ireland & Spain--justification for the degree (and simple interest)
  • Northern California--to see if, after all, it is really a saner version of the beautiful southern part (and to meet someone who lives on that upper coast)
  • Chicago--to do all the stuff I never did as a "native" - and to visit all that I left behind
  • Norway--the old country
  • Mission, Texas--to pay my respects at a gravesite in The Rio Grande Valley State Veterans Cemetery.

When I was through writing my list, I realized that it's mostly about the people, and not too much about the places. That's maybe not how it is for some people. I also don't have a strong desire to see specific things (e.g. the brewery in the next city over to the right) but more general areas.

What are the places you'd like to visit?

[the title quotation is by Bill Hicks - and I hope that it's the way that the one in Mission felt]


  1. I think I thought about getting you that book! (If I am the one who got it for you and I forgot, I apologize. I don't remember much these days.) I have the Love Listography book, which I bought while in love and now despise. I should probably just white it out or burn it or something.

    I would love to go to San Diego because that seems to be where "everyone" (as in like, 5 people I know) is moving. For myself, it's Hawaii, and New York, and if I ever get a passport maybe Australia. And Shanghai for the crazy buildings.

    1. Advice: get the passport now. Better to have it and not use it than to need it but not have it.

      San Diego sounds awesome--and Denver is that place, for me. (Where everyone seems to live these days.)

    2. I'll go to Denver with you too. ANY TIME!

  2. Have you checked this site? Or this one? for the last. I'd go with you for that trip, possibly one of the two reasons I'd ever go back to that state.

    1. I'm not certain where I got it, but the location of the site itself is known to me. Having company for that...probably a good idea.

    2. I love, really love, cemeteries. Good thinking places.